Minecraft VS Fortnite ~ A Teenage Addiction

Paris' Perspective

BCM215 Digital Artefact Pitch


(Image credit to MineworksAnimation)

My digital artefact for this subject will be a comparative analysis on the addiction between Fortnite and Minecraft, among teenagers. This will be completed through a series of 4 video essays which will explain the addiction to Fortnite, Minecraft and how these games are similar to gaming machines, in terms of bright colours, along with a final video about why both of these games are so addictive to teenagers.

Sources such as, News24 “Minecraft- is your child addicted” (2014), explains how many parents are concerned about their children’s lying and dishonest behaviour due to their addiction to these video games. The article conveys how one 11- year old child stole his fathers credit card in order to buy the newest advancements in Minecraft. Therefore, Minecraft addiction is an addition among teenagers, and is disintegrating their school performance and grades.

Moreover, Fortnite…

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