Underrepresentation of female characters: Preorder now.


Video games. An entertainment industry phenomena expected to be worth over 90 billion US dollars by 2020 (WePC.com, 2019). The statistics surrounding video game use and gender tend to be almost equal, with women making up 45% of U.S gamers (Mediakix, 2017), but although this is the case, there is a definite gender inequality when it comes to the representation of female characters within video games. 

When you think about the video game titles that many seem to know and love such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and FIFA, there is little to no female representation. Some consumers may notice, others not, but what is evident is the fact that in no manner are they equal. A member of Feminist Frequency states that “looking at every game featured at every major E3 press conference for that year (2015), we found that out of the 76 games featured…

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