A Symphony of Speed. — Lachlan Doherty

A Symphony of Speed – Music and Racing Games.

Cars and gaming have essentially always been the backbone of my life. So naturally of course, racing games were my go to genre of gaming. As these games evolved, I started to pay attention to the music more and more, as it simply evolved from being background music in something like Need for Speed Underground 2 to something more complex and curated such as in Forza Horizon 4 where the in-game radio station selected actually affects the dynamic loading screens.



Over the coming weeks, I will be analysing the music of 21st century racing and driving games of three main styles – Racing Simulation, Open World and Arcade style games. I will be focussing on the changes of genre over the years, as well as the dynamic elements of the in-game soundscape and the immersion that it creates. This will all take place in a series of three video essays of up to ten minutes long, to be posted on Youtube. I will also be interacting with the greater community at large, by sharing my work and introducing discussion around this particular topic. I will also be using data from music streaming services such as Spotify, where curated playlists of game soundtracks already exist, focussing on the traffic they receive.

Through this, I hope to uncover the growing importance of soundscape and music in racing games, something that developers seem to becoming more aware of as the industry grows and develops.

See you online!

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via A Symphony of Speed. — Lachlan Doherty

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