Female Characters in Video Games = Equality?

Creative and Critical Thoughts

People have fought for equal representation in texts for as long as they’ve been around. Several media formats have been deconstructed and analysed to examine how females are represented and how often such as in TV shows and movies. This is no different in video games. The last few years have seen Triple-A games such as, The Last of Us, Detroit: Become Human and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey portray prominent female characters that aren’t there to sit and look pretty or serve as a plot device.

My first look at official statistics showed that “out of the 118 evaluated games, 24 percent were focused on exclusively male lead characters, whereas eight percent contained female protagonists” (Gough, 2018). This data was taken from video games presented at the 2018 E3 conference. Additionally, other statistics showed that in the US, the primary motivations for playing video games differed between males and females…

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