Gaming or Gambling? Loot Box Controversy #BCM215

Concrete Surfing

Micro-transactions in video games have become a very controversial and interesting topic amongst the gaming community and society. In my BCM215 Digital Artefact, I will be focusing on the random chance micro-transactions also known as loot boxes, and its direct correlation to gambling. Through a variety of sources, I will be able to engage with my audience through a weekly podcast posted to my twitter each week I will be able to shed light on the different types of games that have heavy integration of microtransactions as well as the psychology of gambling and the different tricks used by companies to make loot boxes enticing and fun to participate in. The Economies of Micro-transactions article highlights this perfectly. “Developers use a psychological principle called “variable rate reinforcement.” The dopamine system in the brain enjoys unpredictable rewards, this system responds more to an uncertain reward than the same reward delivered on a predictable basis.”


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