How Are YOUriding Your Bodyboard?


The YouRiding phone app is a great way to pass time when there are no waves on offer. You can travel the world and unlock over 300 of the most iconic waves. Meet the pros, customise your rider and change your boards, YouRiding has included some incredible features within this app.

The controls start off fairly basic and the tutorials gradually release more control options.Riptide Magazine suggested that “the more you play, the better it gets”.

The 3D graphics within the game are a good attempt at depicting waves in real life, however some of the movements are a bit awkward and glitchy. Further, a study found that “viewers in the 3D condition rated their experience as more realistic than viewers in the 2D condition”, which may also generate some interesting discussion throughout this DA. 

In terms of a non-structuralist approach, I’m interested in exploring how hurfing promotes health…

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