How Does Negative Public Relations Impact the Gaming Industry

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Often more than not public relations in the game industry is an extension of the art of game design (Thomsen 2009). Public relations sell audiences the existence of a world created to respond to their interactive needs. However, if used incorrectly can make consumers run from or resent the game.

Limitations and Scope and Analytical Framework

Like discussed in my project pitch, I will be focusing on the recent incident surrounding copyright with Borderlands 3 publisher, 2K Games. The incident that had private investigators sent to a YouTubers house with alleged copyright infringement (Alston, 2019). The claim was serious enough to prompt fans to take to Twitter and start a #BoycottBorderlands3 campaign (Byrd 2019) and is the overarching focus of my visual essay.

However, in order to develop an accurate and well-rounded understanding of the topic, I plan to conduct further research on the history of…

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