Mods, Cheats and Exploits

Jordan Boyle

I will be looking at Mods, Cheats and Exploits as my heading and pitch video says. I will be focusing on all things that fall under that topic so that could be cheating in arcade games to your modern FPS (first person shooters) and even board games.
As of now I don’t have a schedule that I am following, but feel free to leave any recommendations.

I will be referring to “Cheating in video games – causes and some consequences” (Pochwatko and Giger, 2015), they discuss the type of people that cheat in video games and if it affects a persons real life experiences. I will also use platforms such as Reddit, articles as well as word of mouth to find the latest Mods, Cheats and Exploits.

I will be pulling from my personal experiences as well as friends for interactions with cheaters and using exploits and mods. From…

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