Playing with the Past: The Pitch

When you feel like it

To create my animated videos (in a style similar to this one) about history-based games I have found a series of sources to help me unpack this topic.

For example, Adam Chapman’s book entitled Digital Games as History: How Videogames Represent the Past and Offer Access to Historical Practice looks at interacting with digital games as historical representations. It looks at the narrative structure (which I hope to do in one of my videos). Chapman discusses the use of framing narratives and ludonarratives that video game producers use to tell a story. Some games have fictional framing narratives such as ‘Brothers in arms’ which tells a fictional story (the plot) within a greater historical setting (WWII). Chapman contrasts this with Civilisation in which the game “explains dominant ideas about what resulted in ‘civilisation’ through the complex interplays of its rules and themes and theory that these engage utilising…

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