Simulation vs Real Life

Simulation vs real life.

I am by no means a gamer. I am how ever a surfer and a car driver. I surf at-least once a week and drive every day.

The only games I have really played on my phone to pass time have been either driving (car racing) Asphalt 8 or surfing games such as True Surf or YouRiding Surf.

All of these games are nothing like the real experience I have anyway. Which is annoying, interesting and strange I believe. The car racing is unrealistic but exciting. The You Riding surfing is nothing like really surfing. One of the hardest things for beginner surfers is actually standing up.. in all the surfing games I have played you begin already up and riding. You never get perfect waves every-time you ‘paddle out’. This is why I want to research into the simulation side of gaming.

There is a very popular game called Farming Simulator. In real life I can’t imagine anyone who would want to be a farmer or go and farm for fun, that’s why we are at uni.. Right ?

There are how ever some real life farmers who play this game after a long days work out in the field.

I plan to investigate and potentially interview some people who play these games and perform these activities in real life. I think this would be important data that could be used for analysis.

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