The Power of Mario Time!

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‘The Power of Nostalgia in Video Games’ is the topic for my Digital Artefact. The element of nostalgia in video games interests me and was a topic that I hadn’t heard and thought about before. I wanted to create a digital artefact that was interesting for me to research but also fascinating for others. 

Through researching this topic, I have found online articles and academic sources that represent different views and perspectives. The first source described nostalgia as s a predominantly positive, social, and past-oriented emotion (Bowman, 2018). It highlights the contemporary retro gaming trends in today’s gaming world and how engaging in older gaming experiences indirectly elicits nostalgia. 

So why do people love nostalgia elements in these games? Another source I found asked the question ‘Why Nostalgia For Video Games Is Uniquely Powerful’. According to psychologists, icons of our past act as symbols of a simpler, more carefree…

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