The Role of Females in Grand Theft Auto

steff harris

BCM215 Digital Artefact Pitch

As shown in my Pitch, I will be focusing on female character roles in the video game, Grand Theft Auto. For anyone that is unfamiliar with GTA, they are a series of action-adventure video games that have been around for years. The object of the game is to complete certain “missions” (mostly in inner-cities) and receive points to progress onto the next chapter.

I used to play with my cousins as a kid and loved the game. However, after not playing for some time, I want to look at what changes have (or have not) been made in each game release and am curious to find out what others think.

After looking at the history of female characters in video games, it’s difficult not to notice how they are so often sexualised or portrayed in a negative light. In GTA, prostitutes can often be…

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