There Was A Game Here: The Legacy of Silent Hill

Utter Omnishambles


I’m dealing with some technical and medical difficulties right now. Until a video is added, here is an approximate transcript for you to work with.

“If you know anything about horror, no doubt you’ve heard of Silent Hill. With eight main games, several spin-offs, two movie adaptations, and a 20-year-old fanbase, it’s safe to say that Silent Hill is a titan in the horror community, with its influence still being felt today.

 “There Was A Game Here” will be me exploring how and why Silent Hill is so beloved, and the factors that not only set Team Silent’s era apart from the rest but also led to the demise of the series as we know it.  I’ll be critically analysing the structural elements of the bigger Silent Hill games – namely the original, Silent Hill 2, Homecoming, and Downpour – comparing and contrasting between the…

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