Critical Self-Reflection of Comments

Hey, Honey!

Pitch 1

The first pitch is a stream of the ‘Let’s Play’ paratext, in which the user rotates between three Final Fantasy IV versions. In my feedback, I provided two academic sources, as the user was well informed and plentiful in their non-academic sources. In doing so, I attempted to assist in creating a theoretical framework for their analysis. While I can see how Boomer et al. (2018)’s text is useful and relevant for the user’s study, Schader et al., (2009)’s text, in comparison, is to a degree, less relevant. Instead of Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPGs), in which the user’s artefact is focused on, the source discusses intertextuality in the context of Massively Multiplayer Online games, or MMOs. 

In addition to this, I provided Boomer et al.’s text because it pertains more towards the ‘Let’s Play’ paratext in which the user is focused on, as opposed to the…

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