Let’s just be honest


Reviewing blog posts taught me a lot of things….

  1. I’m not that great at reviewing blog posts.
  2. You have to actually do your research. You can’t watch a two minute video on the project once. Or even twice. In order to engage wholeheartedly with a project, you must analyse. And analysis takes time. 
  3.  Reading other blog posts has increased the standard for my own projects development. I’ve looked at certain aspects of my classmates posts and thought ‘I like that’ or ‘I need to do more of that’. And of course.. The opposite. 

In total I commented on three blog posts. That doesn’t seem like a lot but when your writing style seems to be cemented in a certain format, it’s easy to follow the same rules in each of them. But I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t want to focus on the same thing within each blog…

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