Critical Self-Reflection & Feedback

Critical Self-Reflection BCM215

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Stephanie (Steff) Harris



Steff is planning on utilising a variety of online platforms including blog posts and podcasts to learn and gain an opinion of the role female characters in Grand Theft Auto.

I gave a variety of comments and ideas in how she would be able to further define her DA. Steff had a very thorough understanding of the topic and undergone a lot of research to ensure her pitch was well presented. I believe my feedback was beneficial to Steff’s progression of her DA, due to an interest and understanding of the stated topic, as well as the further research I was able to provide which looks at a variety of views on the topic.

Overall, I believe I could have been more critical and succinct in my feedback instead of providing open ended ideas and questions.

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 9.43.24 pm.png

Kiana Paige


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