How did I do? – A critical self reflection

Harrison East

My peers and I were tasked with commenting on one-another’s various works and project pitches. The aim was to engage with the works, thoughtfully and critically; to enhance the future content that will be produced. This blog post will stand as attempt to analyse my given feedback — a critical self reflection.

Mai Huong Dang

It’s a Sims World Out There – an explanation of mean-making through Sims gameplay


On it’s own, Mai’s pitch video and blog post, was full of relative information and further links to explore. However a key element, ‘mean-making’ was left unexplained. Exploring this key part of her pitch, in relation to her varied analysis of The Sims, in an introductory video or first video-essay would go a long way.

I offered further research, with specifics on her ‘sociological approach’ and player behavior;  the notion of escapism and god-complexes. Along with suggestions of looking at…

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