A Bcm215 Review

Don't Forget Stephen

Looking into my review for my BCM215 comments on differnt blogs I can say that my engagment with my fellow classmates needs to improve and a base knowledge of most of the DA’s produced.

My first blog to look at was Food In Games by Qinrui Li.
It was looking into the imersion of food in games, its Origins and how it has become more prevelant overtime. My comment looked into a few things. Cooking Mamawas one of the exampleThat I looked into for her DA. This is because it moves players from the digital into the physical.  I also looked into other imersion sites that show how youtube channels take videos into the psycial and how it would be used in real life. Lots of these actuall are based around food!

My next one was Female Characters 

This DA focused upon the ideas around female representation in gaming. This comment…

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