A Critical Reflection

My Reflection on comments


First comment

Overview of pitch: A blog series exploring artificial intelligence in video games, for example discussing AI as the future of gaming.


Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 5.27.27 PM



I wanted to provide some further information on AI technologies. AI is a complex topic, the more information that’s available to that person to incorporate into their project the better. However I did find it difficult to find sources of further research that were directly related to their content and topic. And finally I attempted to encourage them to look further into the platform they have chosen to engage in, as I believe they will have a larger audience elsewhere. However I could have furthered this encouragement by doing the research myself, and providing a link to further information on that suggestion.

Second comment

Overview: Analysis of a paratext focusing on modifications to Nintendog’s gaming and its effect outside of the gaming community.

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