[BCM 215] Comments: Reflect Yo’ Self!


Hey there!

The act of reflecting on past performance is, in many ways, the fundamental key to allowing improvement, developments and optimisation to take place. After all, how can you possibly improve if you don’t identify areas that require attention through the act of appraising your performance?

The following post will reflect upon the feedback I have provided to my BCM 215 peers in regards to their Digital Artefact Pitch and will indicate what I did and what I have learned throughout the process, as well as how I plan to improve in the future.

Ethan Crawshaw – “Playing With the Past”

Ethan’s DA is a series of videos exploring history video games and their role and place in the video game industry.

Feedback I provided:

I suggested that Ethan could adopt a structuralist approach initially to first investigate the history of historical video games to provide context and background…

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