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comment 1https://serenaharbor.wordpress.com/2019/08/16/scaping-a-re-birth/

Serena’s DA pitch looks to explore how nostalgia can revive a game’s popularity or ruin its potential evolution. I really like this project as it has a lot of relevance to the gaming climate that we are currently in. the pitch is well thought out and has a good starting point in Runescape. For my comment, I focussed on another example in World of Warcraft and how that shares the same parallels as Runescape but has gone through a very different journey. Serena mentions comparison between the two versions of Runescape which I would love to see. In the future, I am hoping that there has been some research into both Runescape and wow classic (especially since the re-release, releases in a couple of days). I definitely could have improved in my expansion on topic ideas that I brought up in the comment. I also should have done some…

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