Comment Reflection BT

Hey guys,

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing 3 of my class mates DA pitches. The approach I took was to first watch their 2 minute pitch video, I then read their contextual essay. I read and watched their videos numerous times as sometimes their topics were very new to me and I wanted them to benefit from my comments. I often would search google for terms that they used in their DA ideas.

I was opened up to new world within gaming. I think reviewing and looking other people’s ideas and interests in this subject has better helped me understand and learn about game cultures.

I was exposed to some issues in gaming like ‘the female twitch experience’ I did not know that there was such an issue in the world of gaming. Mikayla’s blog and pitch were done very well and had great aesthetics. I had never heard of the issue but once I had read the blog I was very informed.

The feedback I provided for Mikayla was positive as I think she did a great job. I recommended that she had a look at a YouTube video that I found. The video was 3 YouTubers talking and showing videos of ‘The hottest Twitch streamers’ (female of course).

You can check out my comment on Mikaylas video here: 

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 11.15.49 am

I was also interested in the topic of historical games such as assassins creed I think it is very interesting to base and play a game directly built from a historical time. The experience of playing this game could now be educational as well as recreational. The feedback I gave to Nathan about his blog post and video was to explore some different games. He planned to look at mainly assassins creed for his historical gaming research. I suggested he could look into other games and how legit they are to time periods. My examples were to look at Gran Turismo and look at the cars and how they looked in the game to how they look in real life. I also suggest to look at games like FIFA which bring a new version every year to see if the uniforms and soccer ball designs are that model of that years version.

You can see the comment I left Nathan here:

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 10.21.56 am

I was intrigued by elitism in gaming. I didn’t even know this was a thing… I only thought this term and idea was in sport, but obviously not. Adrian plans to investigate this. He spoke about it in his pitch and blog post.

The feedback I left Nathan was look into reddit and try and engage with members about the topic of elitism. I had trouble giving much more because I feel I’m out of my field on this topic.

You can see the comment I left Adrian here:

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 11.40.43 am

I think I can improve in the next round of comments by spending more time to research ideas I do not fully understand. I think this has been a valuable experience for me and I hope my peers get something from my comments.



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