How Can A Non-Gamer Possibly Help with Video Game Projects? Here’s how:


Below is a self-reflection on the comments and suggestions I have made for my peers #bcm215 digital artefacts. I am intrigued to see how each of these Digital Artefacts develop and improve. I also hope that my feedback has been useful and has contributed to these projects in some way! You can see my Digital Artefact blog here.

Pitch 1: What Game Makers Can Learn From Playing Good Games

Cailem Kostiuk is a Skyrim fan and is planning on sharing some of his insights with the rest of the world. Through a series of podcasts, Cailem is going to take a structuralist approach which is going to teach more people about the games and how they are fun. He is going to explore why games are fun, whether they are easy or a challenge. With numerous topics to explore such as, open worlds, combat systems, RPG and why…

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