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GAME MEDIA BCM215 – Assessment 1 : Part 2. Critical Self-Reflection of Comments

 I took this opportunity to as a non-gamer dive into the other creative ideas that fellow students had developed and further my understanding into the gaming world and the topics intently.  In offering both scholarly and non-scholars articles and links to other sources ie. Subreddits, it allowed me as a viewer to gain a further extent of research on the topic for both myself and the person’s pitch. I enjoyed this experience in gaining information about game media and the different formats, ideas and ways other students are bringing there DA’s to life.

Comment #1 – Ricky’s Blog “Ever watched a horror movie without sound? (BCM215 Pitch, Blog)”

Ricky is focusing his DA in highlighting both sound and music in video games and its importance that it brings to the game is overlooked. I first recognised Ricky’s passion for his DA…

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