Remaster? Remake? Nostalgia??


Remember your favourite game from on Playstation 1? Yeah, Crash Bandicoot. Well it’s your lucky day because its remade!! Or was it remastered? hmm, what’s even the better option? Which one is it?

This is what my DA is intending to look at. What a remaster and a remake is, the differences between them, and what makes a game a viable option for either avenue. Remake vs remaster?

I intend to look at past reviews, walkthroughs, play throughs, live streams as well as actually playing any remakes or remasters that I can get my hands on. The amount of information that can be found on this is quite large. Forums and subreddits are extremely abundant with a lot of information to be found. I have found very quickly how toxic these forums can be, people are very passionate about gaming and extending my research through engaging with these forums etc…

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