Thanks for the tips


Communications according to Ben

So feedback time, time for a whole lot of “haha this is great good luck” and “OMG love this for you” etc etc
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 12.47.47 pm.png
Well not really, I had one comment. One measly comment, but it was well welcomed. I had some great sources to read through but they weren’t in anyway what Iwant to get out of this assignment, they were very focussed on what past studies have looked at. Although she did post some very interesting articles which I hadn’t come across

I agree a lot of my work is done off the cuff and it could’ve been edited and touched up.  But I personally think my “unpolished blogs” are flow the way I want to flow.

So seeing I have received no comments, I’m glad that I put myself out there and asked for feedback whilst in class.

Things I welcomed and think I could’ve…

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