Killer Culture


Video games are portrayed are framed in the mainstream media using two main tropes.

Trope a) “video games turn kids and young adults violent”

Trope b) “video games detach kids from reality”

Both of these notions have been disproved countless times by scholars like Dr. Chris Fergason who said that the link between violent video games and violence itself is factually incorrect. As recently as this month The Top of House Republican blamed video games for the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas during a segment on ‘Fox and Friends’. This is despite the severe lack of evidence supporting  the claim. 

A similar claim was made after the Sandy Hook shootings in America, where conservative politicians, mainstream media platforms, and the NRA (National Rifle Association) alike were all quick to blame ‘violent video games’ for the tragedy. However the official Sandy Hook report revealed the shooters favourite video game…

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