BCM215 DA Beta

steff harris

Just a quick review, I’ve chosen to focus my BCM215 Digital Artefact on the role female characters play in the long-running gameplay series, Grand Theft Auto. I’ve been focusing on the structural textual analysis of the game (character aesthetics, game design) and the post-structural analysis (meaning-making, representations).

Throughout this project, my process has changed where I decided on writing blog posts and create a short YouTube video.

I’ve engaged in great interaction with both current and former GTA players through a short Google form, YouTube comments, and Reddit forums. I found Reddit forums to be the most successful as the gaming communities are massive which led to extremely quick responses.


So far, I found that GTA players have pretty much noticed and accepted the fact that the game is extremely masculine in many ways. Users have noticed that developers are incorporating more female protagonists in the latest version, however…

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