BETA: A Process in Progress

Creative and Critical Thoughts

As spoken about in the video above and in a previous blog post, my video essay will begin with a history of both women in video games and a media archaeology of adventure games. This has come from the ideas of Laine Nooney’s article, ‘Archaeologies of Gender in Video Game History’. As Nooney states, “The history of videogames has largely been imagined as a patrilineal timeline… Drawing from both media archaeology and feminist cultural studies, this contribution first outlines the function Roberta Williams serves as a gendered subject of game history” (Nooney 2013). I won’t be using Roberta Williams as a case study, but I will use her as a catalyst to discuss adventure games and, subsequently, women in video games and the industry.

Source Credit: Sarah Holiday

For the analysis of my case studies, Life is Strange and Telltale’s The Walking Dead, something that became important…

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