BCM215 Beta – Going AFK – Back Online

Kiki Paige

Going AFK is a podcast where “where take a break from playing video games, but instead we discuss the issues of cyberbullying and online harassment within online and multiplayer gaming”. Yes, I actually say that at the start of my podcasts…

Anyway, the topic that I covered gave me an insight on what it’s like to be a player on one side of a screen where not everything they encounter is positive.

So far I’ve only uploaded the one podcast to SoundCloud, but the second podcast will be uploaded next week, followed by a blog which will give a brief overview of what I spoke about in the podcasts, as well as adding what some people had to say in my audience engagement.

As well as cyberbullying within the actual game itself, bullying can also happen during the game on third-party Vo-IP softwares like Skype, where people connect with their…

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