There Was A Game Here: An Update

Utter Omnishambles

This blog will be a bit of a rehash of things I mentioned in the video, mainly so I can hyperlink some sources that I was referring to.

The Focus: Comparing and contrasting the first two Silent Hill games with Homecoming + Downpour. I’m choosing to focus on how these four games create atmosphere and immersion through its characters, story, and sound design (please check out this really cool dive into Doom’s OST.) I’m also taking certain post-structural elements into account. As a third aspect of my research, I’ve chosen the history of the horror genre, which should add some nice context to my videos.
The work of H. P. Lovecraft has been the inspiration behind many things, including survival horror in general. The original Silent Hill game, in particular, has elements of cosmic horror, as I explain a bit here:

As I went over in the video, I received…

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