Gametography: More Than A Screenshot – Beta

Britt Andrews

More Than A Screenshot

While the progress on my digital artefact has been slower than I anticipated, I am happy with the direction I am heading. It has been slow going with creating the content to post, both in terms of the research and content of the captions, and the photos themselves. I have been trying not to ‘force’ myself to produce photos, and because of that, a few hours of gameplay might only yield one or two – or even zero – usable photos. It is for this reason that I decided to break down the project from being from three different games to being from two games – dropping Assassin’s Creed and focusing solely on Horizon Zero Dawn and Spider-Man – the two with the better photo mode.

Marvel's Spider-Man_20190924134240In terms of research, I have engaged with sources both academic and in the media. I’ve found the sources in…

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