A Better Beta For All!!!


With a second chance to comment on people’s blog posts, I looked to improve my engagement, offering something useful which hopefully they hadn’t thought of, nor been suggested already.

Firstly, I looked at Danielle’s DA on Minecraft (which you can find here: https://dailydashofdanielle.wordpress.com/2019/09/19/the-minecraft-aesthetic-project-beta/). Her concept has been focused on offering a structural analysis of Minecraft, looking at many aspects of the game. These vary from looking at the game’s history, to an insight into how it plays, the different game modes within the game, and with an eye towards looking at its recent resurgence and fandom in her final video. I instead offered the possibility of doing a textual analysis on Minecraft, providing a discussion on her experiences and interpretations of the game as a new player. This would lead on nicely from her second video, which gave a general overview of playability and game structure.

I also noted a…

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