BETA COMMENTS and how i failed at them

beta comments – critical self reflection

Kiki Paige




Why should it be? It generally isn’t, but this time it was for me.
I am that person who knows close to nothing about video games. I’m that person where if you say something intellectual about video games, I’ll just smile and nod in agreement.
I always feel like my contribution towards any sort of video game (that is if I even have anything to contribute) is not helpful at all, simply because I just don’t understand.

Comment #1 – Tammy’s Blog

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 1.21.59 pm.png

Here I am aware that Tammy focused on the topic of ‘Exploring the presence of Artificial Intelligence in video games’. Doing my best to understand, I quite obviously pitched in my thoughts, as I did enjoy the topic for this DA. With topics related to gaming, I am often unaware of questions to oppose in order to help with feedback. I then suggested that maybe…

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