Critical Assessment of my Peers Pt. 2


Much like the first critical assessment of my peers’ work with their digital artefact pitches, I attempted to provide feedback that would be encouraging as well as critical of their beta presentations. In my critiques, I aimed to be as helpful as possible so that I could hopefully further and widen the perspectives of my peers in order to for them to achieve more in-depth findings.

The DA topics that Jack and Saxon are researching are fundamentally very similar. Micro-transactions (Jack) and Loot boxes (Saxon) go hand in hand when it comes to the criticism that members of the gaming community provide. With both of their DA’s, I felt like they would both benefit from broadening their perspectives as a means of achieving contextual information of the specific topics they are researching. While the information they provided was great and informative, they lacked depth when it comes to a critical…

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