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reflecting on comments


Commenting on my peers Beta projects was very insightful and in comparison to the last round of comments on the project pitches, I felt I was able to provide feedback a lot easier and hopefully give some useful suggestions to my classmates digital artefacts.

  1. Pokies Podcast

For this DA project beta, it was very clear the student had done a lot of research for the topic they were to start their podcast series on, so rather than give another resource (that was of unnecessary use) I thought I would instead provide feedback and suggestion on the actual podcast itself. As a student still getting use to podcasting myself, I reached out on Reddit for another DA in BCM206, so I thought I would share the suggested podcasting programs that I was given.

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 8.24.01 pm.png

2. “Comparing and contrasting the first two Silent Hill games with Homecoming and Downpour” Video Series

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