How did I do, Part Two – Another critical self reflection

Harrison East

Once again, my peers and I were tasked with commenting on one-another’s various projects. The aim; to engage with the works thoughtfully and critically, to analyse the progress of already produced content and enhance future content. This second blog post in the series, will stand as attempt to analyse my given feedback.

Ben Floyd

Making the DA BETTER for the DA BETA


Starting off, I expressed my appreciation of what Ben has done so far. I feel this is an important step, no matter who you’re critiquing. Progress is progress, so I aimed to provide feedback that would encourage the future of his work.

Through audience feedback Ben was able to define his case study a bit more and provide a more solid groundwork for the future of his project. My contributions simply added on-top of this. While Ben narrowed down his attempt to analyse Minecraft and it’s resurgence in…

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