Watch this space.

I’m ready to start posting.

Over the past four weeks, I have been going on a learning process into video making, how to present topics and doing lots of research into the topics I’m making videos on.

I believed it was really important to create lots of content at once so I would be able to release a regular schedule, and then use future time to find an audience with my content. I think this is really important as an amateur to this type of content creation and helped me plan and get organised in advance.

I’ve started filming some video content using my iPhone and audio using professional equipment depending on the situation. If I am showing gameplay or regular video, I use a narrator style, and any clips of me speaking to a camera are diegetic.

Over the next four weeks, I’ll be releasing two game related videos, and two regular videos that are also in the video essay format.

FIFA 10 – Ten Years Later.

I have FIFA 10 and I will be comparing it to the newly released FIFA 20. I have some gameplay I’ll be commentating over, and I’ll be exploring the older features of the FIFA 10 game, the new features of the FIFA 20 game and how they weigh up against each other in our socio-cultural environment. I’ll also talk about EA being the developer and the socio political controller of the game and its commerce, and how online has changed the game.

The Ageing Process of Video Games.

I wanted to look at some classic Playstation games and look at their new incarnations. Examples being Star Wars Battlefront, Grand Theft Auto and Gran Turismo. I tried to think of three different genres of games I could go in depth into and how they hold up from their past forms, how they compare now to what’s available and the factor of nostalgia and it’s power to add to a game and its credibility.

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