Game remastering, safe way out?


The world of video games. Like most technologies, this field is constantly being pushed further and further forward as time goes on. Seems like theres always a new console to get, or a new flagship action packed shoot ’em up sandbox to buy and play for countless hours on your PS4 or Xbox One. The quality of these top end games that are coming out are unquestionably amazing. Super immersive games that you can completely lose yourself in for hours on end. Graphics that are ultra realistic. Still though, remembering back on the games that started it all for a lot of us, the nostalgia factor kicks in when reminiscing on games like this. And somehow, in my memory at least, they almost seemed.. More fun.

Playstation 1, my first console, my first love. When I reminisce on my time with this console, I think of Crash bandicoot, Spyro, Tarzan…

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