Raid Shadow Legends- Non-Gamer vs Gamer

Jordan Boyle

RAID Shadow Legends is an ultimate combination of fantasy RPG and battle collection available on iPhone and PC. For this research we have looked at the iPhone version because of convenience.

RAID Shadow legends is turn based battle PVP / PVE game. The aim of the game build the strongest team in order to defeat the Campaign, Dungeons, Faction Wars, taking on other players in the Arena and working with a clan to defeat Clan Boss. To do this you must grind your way up the ranks unlocking new champions and artifacts increasing your champions stats.

Bodhi vs Jordan Stats (after three hours of play time)

Level- 10 (Bodhi) – 18 (Jordan)

Player Power- 6,490 (Bodhi) – 35,982 (Jordan)

Total Champions- 5 (Bodhi) – 32 (Jordan)

Champion Power- 5,614 (Bodhi) – 32,836 (Jordan)

Artifact Power- 1,118 (Bodhi) – 3,622 (Jordan)

Arena Power- 0 (Bodhi) – 194 (Jordan)

Mastery Power- 0…

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