Steam, Early Access and PUBG – An Analytical Perspective

Harrison East

Before reading on, be sure to take a look at the prefacing blog post by Nicole Papadimas in ‘The Wallet’!

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What is our Analytical Framework?

To truly understand the physical and digital impacts, as well as the potentials that Early Access games on platforms such as Steam have; we will require an analytical framework to ground our approach.

The framework will consist of three interconnected points. The Technical Strata (Technique) of Early Access games; using Steam as a technical platform. The Modality of Early Access games; using PUBG and its mode of consumption as a case study. Lastly, a point is to be made in regard to the notion of Participatory Media; how Early Access games such as PUBG and the platforms that they’re on encourage players to participate in the games’ development.



The now well-known, mainstream PC gaming platform ‘Steam’ has been the…

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