The Power of Mario Time: The Finale

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A Quick Catch up:

‘The Power of Nostalgia in Video Games’ is the topic for my Digital Artefact. The element of nostalgia in video games interests me and was a topic that I hadn’t heard and thought about before. I wanted to create a digital artefact that was interesting for me to research but also fascinating for others. 

Early Ideating: 

The original concept for my DA was ‘Exploring why nostalgia is powerful and unique and why still holds authority in today’s gaming world’

With a focus on: 

  • How the factor of nostalgia is a useful tool in-game marketing
  • How games use nostalgia to connect with their users
  • The evolution of Mario 

The original format for my DA was a series of four video essay that will explore these 4 topic research and aspects of the question ‘Why nostalgia for video games is uniquely powerful?’

  1. Why nostalgia in games…

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