A quick look into my DA.

My digital artefact was originally going to be a look into two topics on the video essay format. Over the process of trial and error in filming, I noticed that I didn’t really have the knowledge to be able to capture the quality I wanted to express in the time I had. Instead, as I am also completing a major in English Literature, my skill is in writing and coming up with a conversation about what I am passionate about. I got to look into two of my favourite games for my DA, and I want to end up continuing down this path with more as I found that I was really enjoying visiting these games that brought me so much nostalgia. I looked at ‘FIFA 10’ and ‘The Simpsons: Hit & Run’.

FIFA 10: A decade later.

‘FIFA 10’ was a look into how gaming cooperations are able to take a whole genre and define it and be at the forefront of competition. It was not explicit, as my tone was conversational and very similar to a review, however, it was a look into how over time as technology and the ability to do grand things with how gamers can interact with the franchise, the impact games can have on culture, however still look at how things date over time as developments are made. A discovery that wasn’t discussed in my DA was the fact that online markets in the modern games are almost dead as new games take over and a new market with packs, players and coins takes over.

The Simpsons: Hit & Run: Is it timeless?

‘The Simpsons: Hit & Run’ was a look into how adaptation and innovation can be a perfect combination for nostalgia in culture. The game takes a very popular series that at the time was producing their highest television ratings, and made a new, innovative way of interacting with the franchise in a time before mass internet consumption. The game was a very influential one on me, and obviously is still well talked about online on Reddit and Youtube. I believe nostalgia has been really good to this game, as obviously, nostalgia wasn’t applied in the making process, however, nostalgia would be applied if a new remastered version, which is heavily requested in meme culture and in various articles, would be a use of nostalgia for the consumers.

I definitely want to keep writing articles like this. I really enjoyed looking back at games that I really enjoyed growing up, and their influence on the audience of today. Titles I want to look at next are ‘Spider-Man: The Movie Game’, ‘Gran Turismo’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’. I am not disappointed in the inability to make the content I proposed for Youtube, however, I am really excited about where these articles may take me.

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