BTS of Going AFK (500 word contextual essay)

500 word contextual essay for Going AFK ~ Kiana’s DA

Kiki Paige

My Digital Artefact for BCM215 is in the form of podcasts, called Going AFK, based around the issue of cyberbullying within video games, and how much of an impact this phenomenon has on players and whether or not these issues can be prevented, or at least minimised. I recorded two roughly twenty-minute podcasts discussing this topic, one podcast also featured a friend of mine who has definitely been impacted by cyberbullying within the gaming community. A few of the games I talked about included MOMA games like League of Legends, as well as popular games like Minecraft and Habbo. These games, as well as few others I briefly mentioned in my podcasts, all have different ways to minimise cyberbullying, as well as suggesting punishment for the player(s) causing any harm.

The first podcast is based around cyberbullying within gaming as a whole, why people do it, how it affects…

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