Loot Box Controversy DA! #BCM215

Concrete Surfing

For my digital artefact for BCM215 game media this semester I have been focusing on the controversial topic of in game micro transactions and more specifically loot boxes and if there is a connection to gambling. In my digital artefact I have been posting questions to reddit each week to obtain some insight from gamers and get an array of perspectives on the questions that I have been asking. My digital artefact connects to the week 9 lecture and concepts which was the topic of “affect and the first-person shooter genre”. It is very clear that the prevalence of microtransactions in many of the popular first person shooters is impacting gamers and games today and has changed the way developers make and distribute game content.

In the podcast I discuss each question I posted and will also read some responses given and further discuses different opinions obtained in the posts…

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