The atmosphere of addiction – EP1

Communications according to Ben

Welcome to the first instalment of the atmosphere of addiction.
My analysis of a game played by thousands around the country and millions around the world.

Poker machines have a relatively brief history in Australia but they are firmly entrenched in our culture.

The purpose of the blog post is to add evidence and imagery to the podcast. As I wasn’t Able to film inside venues.

This is the first slot machine designed by Charles Fey


Below is the first aristocrat machine, Clubmaster


An early electronic iteration of “where’s the Gold” which is a very popular machine.


These are what pokies currently look like. New features include the machine linking systems which allow jackpots to be larger than ever before. Often having multiple machines all housed in one physical box.


This was an article that was passed on to me in the early stages of the project. It’s from the…

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