A Throwback – Initial thoughts on YouRiding…

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Using a poll, I asked my Instagram followers if they had ever played YouRiding. 90% of them have! I received a few messages on the topic and feel like I’ve created nostalgia by asking them questions about the game. I sent out a survey and there are a few things that were evident.

The POV angle option creates more life like experience, however most people struggled to use this as it was “harder to use” and “shit and glitchy”. Everybody who has completed the survey so far agrees that the default view is the best. This leads me to wonder whether this limits the game from achieving a much more realistic experience.

GoPro POV in real life

Skip to 0.33 for POV in YouRiding

Further, it seems as though no one is really playing it anymore. A lot of people were fed up with the new version and its new user interface…

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