Breaking News: 45-year-old man threatened to kill an 11-year-old boy after losing to him in Fortnite.

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This weeks discussion on Artificial Intelligence was focused on the worldwide popular video game; Fortnite.

Fortnite has become a cultural phenomenon rather than just a video game. Its graphics, storyline, A.I and overall enjoyment is the defining reasoning as to why it’s become a worldwide sensation.

Through Fortnites layout, the game is exceedingly shareable through stream websites such as twitch, or just watching your friends play on their consoles. The game allows you to go on your own adventure and dictate your own experiences through your personally designed avatar. Being free to play, as mentioned in the podcast, has allowed for a larger amount of player engagement with monetisation possibilities coming from in game purchases.

Artificial Intelligence has allowed for Fortnite to become an increasingly popular game. Fast Company, comments on the success of Fortnite, categorised into three categories: accessibility, sociality, and spectacle.


Fortnite is free…

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