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As mentioned in my previous blog post, the future of my DA was to be a podcast with a female twitch streamer and her experiences with A.I.

I conducted an interview with Alex to gauge her background with gaming and streaming and furthermore her experiences with A.I and if they impact her decision making when streaming/gaming. By following a specified analytical framework I will be able to develop and curate my information in a clearer manner than I had done in the previous posts, as this one in particular is different in regard to the topic in comparison.

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 10.26.32 am

Interview Questions: 

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 8.31.38 pmScreen Shot 2019-11-05 at 8.31.44 pmScreen Shot 2019-11-05 at 8.31.49 pm

(Alex requested I did not alter/edit any answers)

From here, I asked Alex to choose three questions which she in particular found most interesting and these would be the discussed questions in the podcast. By having a limit on questions we will be able to go into more depth without conducting…

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