YouRiding // How did the new version change the game experience?

Blog Post 3


A deeper look into the differences between the two versions and how it changed the experience. The updates continue to change the modality, spatiality and the game’s technical strata.

“A year and 600,000 downloads later, YouRiding is delivering a major overhaul of “The Journey Bodyboarding” giving players a new, refreshing experience while maintaining the original stoke of the game.”

Sounds pretty epic, right?

Apparently not. Below is a series of anonymous reactions to the update:

“They just released a game that’s like 5% completed. Dont waste your money since you cant even beat the whole game yet. Wow, i know there are “expansions” to games but this is like giving someone some wood, hammer, nails, and saying “here’s a table for you, it’s just got some work to do.” Release a completed game next time… Oh and if you didn’t have to pay to skip that “wait to win” aspect…

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